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PowerARC 160iSTH (inc Tig Torch Package)



  • Lightweight
  • digital_display
  • igbt_equipped
  • _dc
  • 1_phase

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The PowerARC 160i STH is a completely new model that succeeds the PowerARC 160STH.  This model retains all the functionality of the older model, but does so with a more reliable and compact digital design.

The features that made the PowerARC 160STH popular are still there in this new model, but the unit features better TIG performance and now can be fitted with the long-life, high quality NOVA foot pedal.  An IGBT inverter design is still at the heart of the unit, but the new digital control simplifies internal circuitry and reduces maintenance and improves long term serviceability options.

For people seeking a basic DC TIG and Stick welder, this unit has what you need.


PLEASE NOTE: Everlast Welders Australia strongly recommends the use of a 15A RCD box between the machine and wall socket during use. To achieve the maximum performance out of your Everlast Machine please ensure your current breaker and wiring/socket setup at your place of use is sufficient enough to achieve this. For example you may be required to upgrade your breaker to a 32A dedicated circuit to suit, therefore allowing you to achieve your machines full duty cycle. If in doubt please contact your local licensed electrician for more info prior to purchasing and please see terms and conditions/warranty for more information. 


Download PDF Manual HERE

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  • Stable, smooth DC arc
  • Digital display for precise current setting
  • Low power consumption
  • Complete Stick/TIG welding package with carry case
  • Easy auto adaptive hot start for improved arc striking
  • Auto-regulated arc force control
  • 120V/240V Dual Voltage
  • Optional 22k Ohm foot pedal for TIG
  • Adjustable post flow control for TIG
  • 10-160 amps operating range (240V)
  • HF Start TIG with automatic gas flow solenoid.


  • IGBT Type: Individual IGBT
  • Inverter Type: Digital/Micro-controlled
  • Output Type: DC Stick, DC TIG
  • Voltage/phase: DUAL VOLTAGE 120/240 1 PHASE
  • Max Rated TIG Amps: @240V: 160A
  • Max Rated Stick Amps: 160A
  • TIG Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle: @240V: 160A/16.4V @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 40º - 130A/15.2V @ 60% Duty Cycle/ 40º C - 100A/14V @ 100% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
  • Stick Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle: @240V: 160A/26.4V @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 40º C - 130A/25.2V @ 60% Duty Cycle/ 40º C - 100A/24V @ 100% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
  • Max Inrush ( I1MAX ) Amps: @240V: 28.8A
  • Maximum Rated (I1EFF ) Input Amps: @240V: 17A
  • OCV: Stick: 70V - TIG: 70V
  • TIG Output Range DC: @240V: 10-160A/ 10.4V-16.4V
  • Stick Ouput Range DC: @240v: 15A-160A/ 20.0V-26.4V
  • Stick Hot Start Amps: 0-100%
  • Stick Function: Auto Adaptive Arc Force Control
  • Stick Hot Start Type: Adjustable Hot Start
  • Stick Hot Start Time: Auto-Set
  • 6010/Cellulose Capable: Limited to 6011
  • Minimum Amp DC TIG Start: 10A
  • TIG Start Type: High Frequency, Lift TIG and Live Lift TIG
  • Memory: No
  • Preflow time: Auto Set
  • Post Flow Time: 0-10S
  • TIG Pulse: No
  • Remote Control: 2T/4T
  • Foot Pedal: Optional


Stick: @240V:

  • Weld with a maximum of 1/8" diameter electrode (Maximum electrode diameter ultimately depends upon type and manufacturer)
  • Weld with a minimum of 1/16" diameter electrode

TIG*: @240V:

  • Minimum 28 gauge
  • Maximum 3/16" (Single Pass) -3/8" (Multi-Pass, practical limit)

*Unit is not intended for use with Aluminum or Magnesium


  • Single Phase 240v New Single Board Digital Igbt Inverter Tig/Mma Machine
  • Wp-17-4m Torch
  • Yh12-3m-12mm2 Cable
  • 400a Australian Style Electrode Holder
  • 300a Earth Clamp
  • Yh16 Earth Cable
  • Regulator
  • Australian Style Power Cable 15a Plug


  • NOVA Torch and Pedal Kit for PowerArc 160STH
  • Power Cart 250
  • Foot Pedal
  • Amp Control Slider
  • NOVA Welding and Fabrication Table
  • NOVA Clamp and Tool Kit
  • Air-cooled 9/17/26 series TIG torches
  • Amp Control TIG torches
  • TIG Consumables Kits


  • Use only with generators that are certified as clean power (10% total harmonic distortion) by the generator manufacturer. Use with at least 3500 watt generator for 120V use, and a 6500 watt generator for 240V use. Damage to units caused by underrated, or "dirty" power generators is not covered under warranty.
  • This unit is DC output only in TIG and stick modes. It is not designed to weld Aluminum in TIG mode. In stick mode, it can be used to weld aluminum with special flux covered electrodes designed for aluminum welding.
  • Not for use with E6010 electrodes.