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PowerTIG 185DV



  • Lightweight
  • digital_display
  • igbt_equipped
  • 1_phase

For the extra go anywhere capability, the Everlast PowerTIG 185 DV will enable you to operate virtually anywhere a power outlet is present. The PowerTIG DV's digitally controlled IGBT inverter delivers a smooth, steady arc, as good as any unit in it's class.

The PowerTIG 185DV features  both AC/DC TIG pulse welding capability along with a stick welding function. The TIG Pulse function is simple to control and use with 2 pre-programmed settings that offer the choice of operating at 1 pulse per second, or at 50 pulses per second. It's designed to be another "tool" in your tool kit when welding metal.

When the welder is compared to similar products from Miller or Lincoln, the PowerTIG 185 DV offers the widest range of adjustment, and the best duty cycle. The digitally controlled inverter retains the analog style input, making it a favorite for those users that like to "see" all their settings at a glance. This welder is perfect for pet projects around the shop, or a go anywhere portable unit you throw in the truck, when you don't know quite what to expect when you get to the jobsite.


PLEASE NOTE: This machine is fitted with a 15A plug. To achieve the maximum performance out of your Everlast Machine please ensure your current breaker and wiring/socket setup at your place of use is sufficient enough to achieve this. For example you may be required to upgrade your breaker to a 32A dedicated circuit to suit, therefore allowing you to achieve your machines full duty cycle. If in doubt please contact your local licensed electrician for more info prior to purchasing and please see terms and conditions/warranty for more information.

Manufactured and compliant with IEC/AS 60974.10, CE Guaranteeing your electrical safety and performance. INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY

Download PDF Manual HERE

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  • Compact digitally controlled IGBT inverter
  • Smooth, stable arc in AC and DC modes
  • Simplified pre-set pulse mode with 1 or 50 Hz selection
  • 5 Amp DC/20 Amp AC start
  • Automatic Pre-flow
  • Adjustable Down-slope control
  • Adjustable Post flow time control
  • Advanced Square wave output
  • 2T/4T operation for torch switch control
  • HF or Lift TIG start
  • 150 Amp Stick function
  • Adjustable AC frequency 20-250Hz
  • Adjustable AC balance conttrol 10-90%, same as 250EX


  • IGBT Type: Individual IGBT
  • Inverter Type: Digital/Micro-controlled
  • Output Type: AC/DC TIG, DC Stick
  • Voltage/phase: DUAL VOLTAGE 120/240 1 PHASE
  • Max Rated TIG Amps: @240V: 185A
  • Max Rated Stick Amps: @240V: 150A
  • TIG Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle: @240V: 185A/17.4V @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 40º C - 145A/15.8V @ 60% Duty Cycle/ 40º C - 110A/14.4V @ 100% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
  • Stick Amps @ Rated Duty Cycle: @240V: 150A/26V @ 35% Duty Cycle/ 40º C - 120A/24.8V @ 60% Duty Cycle/ 40º C - 90A/23.6V @ 100% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
  • Max Inrush ( I1MAX ) Amps: @240V: 29A
  • Maximum Rated (I1EFF ) Input Amps: @240V: 17A
  • OCV: TIG: 74V & STICK: 74V
  • TIG Output Range DC: @240V: 5A-185A/ 10.2V-17.4V
  • TIG Output Range AC: @240V: 20-185A/10.8-17.4V
  • Stick Ouput Range DC: @240V: 5A-150A/20.2V-26V & AC:@240V:  20A-150A/20.8V-26V
  • Stick Hot Start Amps: Auto regulated
  • Stick Function: Auto Adaptive Arc Force Control
  • Stick Hot Start Type: Auto Adaptive Hot Start
  • 6010/Cellulose Capable: Limited to 6011
  • Minimum Amp DC TIG Start: 5A
  • Minimum Amp AC TIG Start: 20A
  • TIG Start Type: HF and Lift Start
  • Memory: No
  • Start Amp Range: Fixed, Minimum
  • End Amp Range: Fixed/minimum
  • Upslope Time: Fixed, Minimum
  • Down Slope Time: 0-10 Seconds
  • Preflow time: Preset/Auto  .3 Seconds
  • Post Flow Time: 0-25 seconds
  • TIG Pulse: Yes
  • Standard DC Pulse Frequency: 1 or 50 Hz
  • Standard AC Pulse Frequency: 1 or 50 Hz
  • Pulse Time On (Duty Cycle): Fixed/Preset
  • Pulse Amp Range: Fixed/Preset
  • AC Frequency (Hz): 20-250Hz
  • AC Balance Range: 10-90% of Positive
  • AC Wave Forms: Advanced Square Wave
  • Remote Control: 2T/4T
  • Foot Pedal: Optional


  • Weld steel to a maximum of 5/16" single pass (240V)
  • Weld steel to a maximum of 3/16" single pass (120V)
  • Weld steel to a maximum of 1/2" multi-pass(240V)
  • Weld steel to a maximum of 3/8" multi-pass (120V)
  • Weld aluminum to a maximum of 1/4" single pass (240V)
  • Weld aluminum to a maximum of 1/8" single pass (120V)
  • Weld aluminum to a maximum of 3/8" multi-pass (240V)
  • Weld aluminum to a maximum of 1/4" multi-pass (120V)
  • Weld to a minimum of .007" Steel (120V or 240V)
  • Weld to a minimum of .020" Aluminum (120V or 240V)
  • Stick weld with a 3/32" Electrode (depends on type and brand, may require a smaller electrode for some types, 120V)
  • Stick weld with a 1/8" Electrode (depends on type and brand, 240V)
  • This unit not rated for E6010 Stick use.


  • Single Phase 240v Digital Ac/dc Tig Machine

  • W/I Sr-17-4m Super Soft Red-hose Torch

  • 400a Australian Style Electrode Holder

  • Yh16-3m Electrode Cable

  • 300a Earth Clamp

  • Yh16-3m Earth Cable

  • Regulator

  • 2m Pvc Gas Hose

  • FREE Upgraded Nova Foot Control Pedal 


  • NOVA Torch and Pedal Kit for PowerTIG 185DV
  • Power Cart 250
  • Foot Pedal
  • Amp Control Slider
  • NOVA Welding and Fabrication Table
  • NOVA Clamp and Tool Kit
  • Stick Electrode Holder with cable and connector
  • Air-cooled 9/17/26 series TIG torches
  • Amp Control TIG torches
  • TIG Consumables Kits



The Foot pedal and stick electrode holder with cable are optional.  Unit features dual 120V/240V input capability.  Output on 120V will be reduced.  To operate at full output Amp capacity on 120V, a 40 amp breaker may be required along with heavier wiring.  Consult local codes.  This unit is not designed for use with E6010 Stick electrodes.   If using on a generator, use only with a "clean power" Generator that is rated as 5% or less Total Harmonic Distortion.  This rating is supplied by the manufacturer of the generator and is the level considered safe for electronic equipment. The minimum generator size required for operation is 7500 watts (surge rating).