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 Company, Product, Dealership and Pricing

What are the Terms and Conditions of the Everlast Welders Warranty?
Everlast Welders offer a great warranty, but there conditions of which you need to be aware. Check the details by reading our warranty document.
Can I trust Everlast Welding products and where are they manufactured?
The machines are designed in the USA, Manufactured in China and compliant with IEC60974.10, CE Guaranteeing your electrical safety and performance. Everlast Welders and Plasma Cutters have a very good name in the Continental USA, Alaska, Canada and Europe. Everlast Welders USA have been in Business for over 15 years. Check the various online welding forums and you'll find favourable comment on our products and our service. Problems can occur with any manufacturer, Everlast Welders stand behind their products and their reputation. Everlast Welders are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by OWS Distribution Pty Ltd, ABN 89 645 130 767. We have a 30-day money back guarantee. We stand behind your product warranty and Everlast Power Equipment, Inc. stand behind us.
There a lot of welders available, particularly from online retailers. Why should I buy an Everlast Welder or Plasma Cutter?

You can see any number of welders on Ebay etc. You can often buy perfume or a deck chair from the same site. We know. because we tracked many of them as part of our due diligence prior to establishing Everlast Welders in Australia. Many have been and gone. Maybe some have come back as another name.

There are also a number of sellers that concentrate on welding products, and they know their products. We are not going to knock them or their products but we know no one has better products anywhere near our price range.

Everlast Welders only sell welders and related equipment. They design and specify all Everlast welders and plasma cutters then supervise production in ISO 9000 certified facilities. They select only leading brand-name accessories such as torches and test them thoroughly for compatibility and suitability.

All Everlast welders and plasma cutters sold in Australia use genuine Siemens/Infineon IGBT power chips and modules.

Make sure you are comparing apples and apples, some stick welders are the old transformer type. The same goes for cheap MIG welders. If you're a pro, you'll appreciate the quality of Everlast Welders. If you are not a pro, you need the advanced features of Everlast Welders to improve and simplify your welding.

Well designed, fully warranted, fully supported products come at cost, but you'll be pleasantly surprised how much more you will get for that little extra.

How good is the warranty on Everlast welders and plasma cutter?
The simple answer is: it is the best available. Check the details by reading our warranty document.
How can I become an Everlast Welders Reseller?
We do intend to appoint more associates. If your customers, workmates, friends, or club members respect you as a very competent welder, it might be well worth your while contacting us. You may be aware that consumer protection laws can make it both difficult and onerous to sell products, especially potentially dangerous products. We take care of all that. Your referrals deal directly with us. We remit you a nice fee to make it worth your while without you having legal responsibility. You'll find we are pretty fussy, but you won't know if you qualify until you ask.
My Everlast Welders product has a problem. Who do I contact?
We are here to help. Please see our Contacts page for details including after-hours. Make sure you have downloaded your manual and have it in front of you before you call.

Ordering and Payments

How do I place an order?
You can call us for product selection advice and model availability, then we can process an order for you. If you know what you want it would help us keep prices down by you entering an online order using our website. Either way, if you are new to us, you will need to have paid us before we will ship. Our online order processing is fully integrated with our warehousing system. If a product you chose is low or out of stock, we will warn you not to proceed to the Checkout. Please call to confirm availability.
How can I pay?

We have multiple payment methods available. If you have any questions regarding payment, please contact accounts@everlastwelders.com.au 

How can I cancel an order?

Please call us as soon as you can.

If your order has already been dispatched, you will need to pay for the freight both ways.

If you want to cancel because you want a larger machine, please contact us.


Can I pick up my Everlast Welder?
No. Everlast Welders Australia is strictly an E-commerce site however we have authorized Resellers around Australia who sell physical items so be sure to check them out on the Resellers page for locations where you can inspect, test run and purchase an Everlast Welder. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR LIST
Who will deliver my Everlast Welder?
We use TNT Road Express for all deliveries. We will advise you by email of a tracking number for your shipment and you can monitor the status on www.tntexpress.com.au using their Track and Trace facility.
How long will it take to deliver my Everlast Welder?
You can estimate delivery times by using the TNT Road Express www.tntexpress.com.au web site. The sender location is Western Junction TAS 7212.
My Everlast Welder seems to have been damaged by the carrier. What procedure should I follow?
If the package has obvious damage we hope you drew this to the attention of the driver and it was noted by him/her. Either way, take photos of the package. Check the contents for damage and again take photos. You should have already downloaded and read your user manual. Test the machine as soon as possible, and if there are problems, you must report them to us within a maximum of 48 hours and provide the photos and a report on the problem(s). Failure to do this will really limit our ability to make a claim on your behalf.
What if I am not at home for the delivery?
The carrier will leave a calling card. It will be up to you to contact the carrier and coordinate re-delivery, PLEASE NOTE: Everlast Welders Australia are not responsible for the re-delivery charge and will be passed back onto the customer for payment. Alternatively to avoid this extra charge you can organise to pick up from your nearest TNT depot.


As of 1st January 2024, the following surcharges are applicable as per TNT guidelines on top of your standard shipping fee.

1. Manual handling process fee: $15.50 per item (items greater than 30kg)

2. Remote area delivery: $35.00

3. Residential delivery: $6.00 (items under 30kg)

4. Heavyweight residential delivery: $63.00 (items over 30kg and less than 100kg)

5. Heavyweight residential delivery: $198 (items over 100kg)

6.Re-delivery fee: $23.00

You can see full breakdown of TNT surcharges HERE

 ** Freight on Warranty Repairs and Replacements:

"Everlast Welders Australia will cover the freight cost both ways in Year One to the extent of the rates published on the Everlast Welders Australia website. If the customer is in a remote area, the customer agrees to pay any freight costs over and above the published rates."

Everlast Welders Australia Published Rates:

Metro Areas Only. 

Based on standard sized 250A TIG unit. 66cm x 42cm x 42cm. 32kg BOX.

Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane $55 approx.

Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra $77 approx

Perth $110

Darwin $145